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Talk To Strangers is curated by Julie Faye Germansky. She’s a multi-hyphenated professional —flight attendant, hospitality content developer and a hospitality management student.

This curious and inquisitive journalism graduate is dedicated to exploring the world of hospitality and how it is used as a tool for connection to both people and place and as well as an expression of human kindness.

With 7+ years of front of house hospitality experience at restaurants and entertainment venues in Toronto, Ontario (minus a brief stint working at restaurants in Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France)
she is determined to develop Talk To Strangers as a resource she wish she had while navigating the industry.

and her communications background has landed her in content creation roles for travel companies and even interned at a radio station in Accra, Ghana.

She has dedicated herself to exploring the world of hospitality and the strangers it’s made up of.


We encourage readers to interact with posts and engage in healthy discussion! If you would like reach the author directly for freelance work in training and content creation or give any feedback she is responsive on email within 24 hours. I would love to hear your ideas on what I should write about next!

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Photo by William G. Lee (@giuklee_)