Influencer marketing trailblazers

How millennials are branding their Instagram profiles to monetize on their follower count _______ H​er lululemon leggings cling to her stone-like quad muscles as she is captured by Toronto photographer Allie Mavian on an empty street in Toronto’s Liberty Village, just outside Reebok CrossFit Liberty Village. The Canadian Olympic weightlifter, crosses her arms and stares … More Influencer marketing trailblazers

The Forgotten Ones

       The Skype calling tone rings through Illamaran Nagarasa’s laptop in his apartment. It’s 4:00a.m. in Toronto, where Nagarasa currently resides while he works for a multicultural radio station, CMR 101.3 FM. “Appā!” said his daughter in their native Tamil tongue on the other end of the Skype video call. She had just … More The Forgotten Ones