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               Talk to Strangers launched as a platform to share the novelic stories belonging to the strangers I’ve met across the globe.  I hope that my ironic, digital display of raw face-to-face interactions with strangers chisels away some apprehension you may have towards talking to strangers in the digital dominant age.


Photo by William G. Lee (@glee243)

     I’m a Toronto-based journalist and graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. Guided by the kindness in strangers, I’ve been lead on exhilarating  adventures allowing me to experience local life in its rawest form. While I’ve typically travelled solo to destinations like Ghana, Colombia and Morocco, I most often find myself in the company of open-armed locals who are keen to allow me to get a glimpse of their day-in-the-life and what ultimately makes them tick.  

Perhaps these real-life characters will strike a cord of relatability in you or maybe they’ll get a visit from you if you find yourself in their homeland. For me, it’s been about an unrelenting need to feel human connection. Maybe for you through these stories you will find in yourself something different.



All content is produced by Julie Faye Germansky unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to collaborate or give me some feedback, fire away! Let’s start a conversation.

Thanks for reading.

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