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               Talk to Strangers launched as a platform to share the novelic stories I’ve gathered from a multitude of strangers who have inspired me across the globe.  I hope that my encounters chisel away some apprehension you may have towards authentic, face-to-face interactions with strangers in the digital dominant age.

Photo by William G. Lee (@glee243)

           Julie is a Toronto-based journalist who will graduate from Ryerson University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. She is a multidisciplinary who uses film, words and photos as outlets to share stories. As a solo traveller she is guided by the kindness in strangers to lead her on exhilarating adventures that can’t be found in guide books. Her chameleon-like adaptability allows her to interact with dynamic cultures and characters from around the world. She was recently building her portfolio in Accra, Ghana as an intern with Citi Fm with a focus on multimedia content. Every new adventure is her subtle flirtation with the world. She studied in Lyon, France where she made use of her French-English bilingualism.

All content is produced by Julie Faye Germansky unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to collaborate or give me some feedback, fire away! Let’s start a conversation.

Thanks for reading.

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